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Internships and seminars for trainers

Internships at STACA Elite Institute

One of the goals of STACA is to improve the level of the coaching industry in the Czech Republic, to help coaches of all levels to connect theory with practice and to improve their level of knowledge.

Week-long internships are a unique opportunity to get answers to questions that coaches have been trying to answer for a long time, but without success.

Each weekly internship is individualized based on the trainer’s current knowledge, his/her wishes and a list of things he/she would like to learn during the internship.

Internships are a combination of educational and practical blocks. Educational blocks last at least 2 hours every day (more often 3 hours or more), the rest of the day is devoted to practice, when the coach has the opportunity to look under the hood of all STACA coaches, to go through the training plans drawn up by them and to see the best Czech athletes in action, representatives of several different sports, but also the wards of the general population.

Spend at least 8-9 charged hourseach day at STACA Elite Institute.

Prior to your internship, you will receive an email with a list of recommended literature and materials that you will draw on not only during your internship but also in your future practice.

References from coaches

I have been through a few trainings and seminars but I still missed how to connect it all. What gave me the most with you was understanding periodization, selecting and demonstrating exercises and seeing everything in practice with clients. Especially how you work with athletes. I liked how you blended theory with practice, that you trusted us to lead the workouts, your attitude towards us and overall how you all worked with gusto. Thank you again!

David Korynta

The internship at STACA was the best choice and investment for the future. It was definitely not the last. Seeing Dominik, Kamil and other colleagues from STACA in action was beneficial. The work that the whole team does is professional, precise and detailed. Everything you need and everything you can take in at that moment you will find right here!

Pavla Satrapová

This year we had the privilege to be part of the STACA Institute again and to observe the training and professional attitude of the athletes in the off season and the general population. During the week-long internship, just like last year, we discussed the theoretical side of things with subsequent application in practice. I would like to thank the guys for this chance, which pushes us further forward in our knowledge regarding strength training and gives us the opportunity to apply the knowledge to our clients at OSMA GYM.

Ondra Smaha and Žaneta Smaha

The internship as such opened my eyes to how far we can go as coaches and how to behave as a professional. The amount of training methods and playing with them based on the client's fitness, the choice of exercises and the possibilities it gives us in how to move the trainee or athlete towards his dream. It is the best motivation for continuous self-improvement. Perfect attitude of all people in STACA. Thanks a lot!

Erik Polívka

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Seminars at STACA Elite Institute

During the past year, we have also built on the internships by adding two public seminars and one online seminar. To maintain maximum quality, we limit the capacity of each seminar to 10-12 people to ensure that each participant takes away the maximum amount of information.

Past seminars:


  • STACA Training Mastermind 1.0 (online, January 2022)
  • STACA Neuro Biomechanics Level 1 in collaboration with the Markus Schreyer Neurotraining Institute (conducted in English, August 2022)
  • STACA Training Mastermind 2.0 – 1. Tour (December 2022)


  • STACA Training Mastermind 2.0 – 2. Tour (February 2023)
  • GPP Seminar with Angus Bradley, Khrys Speed and Cian O`Brien – (conducted in English, August 2023)
  • STACA Masterclass 1.0 (online, October to December 2023)
  • STACA Training Mastermind 3.0 – 1. Tour (December 2023)


  • STACA Training Mastermind 3.0 – 2. Tour (January 2024)

References from participants

Just recently I took advantage of the free weeks to prepare for the new season and went back to the course materials. A lot more things came back together for me. A refresh is needed to understand things again and better. I have tried a lot of things on myself and 100% identify with your information. I am sometimes considered an exotic at Sparta though, because I go against the flow of information from "regular" coaches and think about things differently, do things differently. But I'm so glad for that, it works! Overall, I'm more confident in backpedaling, I can justify it and I keep learning! Your library of exercises is top,I love using it and thank you for it. I look forward to the next announced course. It makes sense! Thanks STACA and you guys!

Mgr. Pavla Satrapová

I went into the STACA Mastermind course with a somewhat superficial purpose, to learn more about off/in-season preparation for athletes, but these 12 weeks quickly threw me off. A very detailed and systematic integration of rehabilitation and strength training. How to address specific problems, back, hips, shoulders. Breathing and lots of other information. I immediately tried to apply the knowledge to my charges training and with very good results. Most importantly, I learned WHY the training and exercise selection looks exactly the way it does. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to anything. For me, an absolute blast, a blast of existing knowledge and a very good investment. I look forward to the next installment. Thank you!!!

Filip Malý

I would like to thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in your Mastermind program. Throughout the course I have been learning and experiencing new things from professionals who really understand. I learned new information that I will use for my development and of course on my mentees. I have never been a part of a course as comprehensive as you have. Being part of the first level was an honor. So a huge thank you!! I am only new to this industry and your program has shown me how many more things I need to learn and try in practice to become a true trainer. It motivates me to work harder on myself in the future, learn new things, find out information and not be afraid to ask anything. I'm looking forward to the face-to-face meeting, which for me will be more like a lot about listening and gaining experience. I would like to keep in touch with you and continue to learn and improve from you. Thank you to the whole STACA team!

Jiří Dlouhý

I evaluate the twelve-week marathon that the boys prepared for the coaches as very beneficial. I appreciate especially the will and drive of the boys, because 12 weeks is really a big portion and a big commitment. I signed up for the course with the goal of breaking down the ingrained fundamentals I was taught when I first started training. The course absolutely met my expectations and delivered much more than I expected. The discussion sections were very beneficial, where the subject matter was discussed further and often in more detail. Not only beginner trainers, but also more experienced ones will find their place on the course.

Mgr. Jan Petružela

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