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Training for athletes

“Who’s not assessing, is just guessing”

It doesn’t matter if the individual has been in professional sport for several years or if he is just peeking into it as a young beak.
At STACA, everyone starts from the beginning!

What is included in the cooperation?

muscle testing

measurement of skin eyelashes

metabolic test

neurotransmitter test

detailed questionnaires

hormonal diagnostics (optional)

Neurological testing (by appointment)


strength tests

Detailed initial diagnostics is something we take great care of.

Only on the basis of testing can a precisely periodized training, nutrition and supplementation plan be drawn up.

What is your weakness?
Why do the same injuries keep happening over and over again?
Why do you have certain pains?
Why can’t you concentrate?
What will help you immediately improve in your sport?

We will be able to answer all this and much more after testing.

Each of the sports requires the improvement of different attributes. Our job is to improve those, which will then take you to the next level in the sport.

What is part of the cooperation?

  • individualized training plan based on testing
  • individualized nutrition and supplementation plan based on testing
  • unlimited consultation
  • basic supplementation package
  • neurotraining

What to expect from the cooperation?

  • gaining strength
  • gaining functional muscle mass
  • shedding excess fat
  • improving health
  • injury prevention

References from clients

I have been working with Dominik for over 3 years and during this time I have discovered not only his professional approach to individual physical training, but also his indomitable will to improve, which he passes on to everyone around him. Not only can Dominik (and now the guys) help improve the physical side of an athlete, but the mental side as well! We have been through a lot in that time and he has been one of my supports during the harder times. I really appreciate this cooperation and I am happy to be a member of the STACA team.

Petr Kváča

If it wasn't for Dominik, I might not be a professional athlete anymore. He managed to put me back together after a serious knee injury and since then we have been doing my strength and conditioning training together. It has moved me forward by leaps and bounds. The great thing is that we are not done and the best is yet to come.

Josef Talafous

I met Dominik for the first time almost two years ago and since then I have changed everything - training, diet, sleep... in short all the things that belong to the work of a professional athlete. We've done a lot of work in that time, and I'm able to benefit from off-season training throughout the season and maintain a stable form. The guys are doing a great job that hardly anyone can match them in, keep it up!

Roman Will

Meeting Dominik, I guess, extended my career by at least 2-3 years. We started working together when I was in Russia and we continued even during my time in Switzerland, when he was fantastic in helping me get back on the ice after an unfortunate ACL surgery. Dominik and the entire STACA team are among the best in strength and conditioning! And not only in our country.

Jiří Novotný

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