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Who we are

The STACA Elite Institute is a private training and education center that was established in 2020 in response to the ever-increasing demand for the company’s services.

The centre offers personal training sessions for professional athletes as well as the general public.

At STACA, we combine the most advanced practices in strength training with the most effective nutrition and lifestyle hacks for performance, physique transformation and an overall better life.

Each collaboration includes not only personal training, but also individual nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that vary from person to person. It is the maximum individualization and personal approach that makes the biggest difference in the results obtained.

What do you find here?

200 m2 of exercise space

25 m long track for power sledge and 2x power sledge from Rogue Fitness

branded STACA thick grip one-handers from Watson Equipment

branded STACA adjustable and straight benches from Atlantis

power cages (power racks) from Atlantis with different types of grips for shrugs

discs from StrongGear and Rogue Fitness

adjustable pulley from Freemotion

dual pulley from Atlantis

Scott's bench from Atlantis

Pendulum Squat by Atlantis

Stepper from Atlantis

2x Glute Ham Developer by Atlantis

45'Back Extension from Atlantis

Bench Press with Pivot by Atlantis

Incline Press with Pivot by Atlantis

V Bar Dips by Atlantis

Olympic axes

female axes

special axes

various adapters for pulleys (e.g. Angles)

beautiful background from the workshop of designer Zuzana Novotná

supplements of the highest quality

References from clients

I have been attending STACA Elite Institute regularly for a year and I feel very good about it. It all started with adjusting my diet, especially adjusting my breakfast, which I had been energetically underestimating. Next, I really like the workout setup, where after completing the same three workouts with increasing load, the workouts change. Most importantly, I feel a very positive energy from the whole gym, with the whole team around Dominik and Kamil pulling together. Thank you and hang in there!!

Jan Kubata

The best thing I could have done for my body and health was to put myself in the hands of the STACA team. I can 100% recommend it to everyone who wants to do something for themselves!

Ondřej Liška

I can only recommend it. After my ACL surgery, I didn't know what was going to happen to me, both athletically and privately, so I wouldn't be limited in any way. I started with the guys in 2017 and stayed until today. It's not just about solving your problem in the moment, it also prevents other problems. The entire STACA team are pros, friends and family that I always enjoy coming back to.

Jiří Komrska

I can only recommend the STACA team, individual approach, setting the plan according to the agreement, ability to respond to the current state and situation. Every visit incredibly recharges!!!

Bohouš Sukdol

Působíme po celé České republice. Pokud máte jakýkoliv dotaz, tak nás neváhejte kontaktovat.

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Telefonní číslo: 
+420 721 167 521

Adresa gymu: 
Sukova 2/1828
370 05 České Budějovice

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